How much do we charge?

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This is always the first question we ever get asked. No idea of the amount of items, your location, the work environment, whether the items are accessible, Many factors need to be taken into account before we answer this:When quoting for PAT testing various factors need to be taken into consideration: Your location The category…

How long does a PAT test take?

This is a question we get asked often, so we thought we would run you through a general scenario or two Scenario A We are in an office environment and there is a work station that needs testing, now the general population think a work station is one item two at the most (although this…

Looking for the cheapest PAT testing quote?

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Well you have come to the wrong site Have you ever heard the expression “Pay peanuts you get monkeys”? well this is true in the world of PAT testing. We have been portable appliance testing for a number of years and have seen or heard pretty much all the cowboys have to offer. Here`s just…

How much per item?

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This is almost always the first question we get asked by any potential clients, the phone call usually goes as follows: “Hello PAT testing Northwest” “Hello just ringing to find out how much you charge per item” This is a similar question to how long is a piece of string? There are several factors that…

Should you use insulation tape to repair an appliance?

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NO YOU SHOULD NOT When you notice an appliance with a split lead there are three options: The stupid option – Do nothing, carry on using it and cause a potential shock and fire hazard. The temp fix – Use insulation tape to fix it and carry on regardless. The right way – Take the appliance out…

What should you do with a failed appliance

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This is a common question we get asked, first and foremost you should take the appliance out of action and not use it. The label pretty much say`s it all DO NOT USE. When an appliance fails the appliance the reason for the failure will be explained to the designated company safety officer and the…