Looking for the cheapest PAT testing quote?

Looking for the cheapest PAT testing quote?

Well you have come to the wrong site

Have you ever heard the expression “Pay peanuts you get monkeys”? well this is true in the world of PAT testing.

We have been portable appliance testing for a number of years and have seen or heard pretty much all the cowboys have to offer.

Here`s just a few examples¬†of a cowboy “tester”

  • The last time the guy did 100 items in an hour.
  • They just flashed their phone over it to test it last time.
  • How come you need to unplug the appliance? that`s never been done before.
  • Why are you unraveling that lead? that`s never been done before.
  • They said its fine to put tape round a lead.

Regardless of cost, the job needs to done correctly.

On average a reliable PAT test engineer will test between 25-30 items per hour if every item is easily accessible and there are no delays.

This gives around 2 minutes per appliance to:

  1. Unplug the machine,
  2. Give the appliance a complete visual test
  3. Give the appliance electrical test
  4. Type the information (appliance type, make, model, serial number) into the test machine
  5. Plug the appliance back in
  6. Switch the appliance on

Generally when this is done faster it is to get more appliances tested in an hour to make up for the cheap cost per appliance.

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