What if we only have a few items that need PAT Testing?

What if we only have a few items that need PAT Testing?

Imagine the scenario

You have a presentation, a gig or a job you need to start but you cannot start the job until you`ve had your equipment PAT tested.

But you only have a few items, anything between one and fifteen, you have a quick look online to find a local PAT testing company and as your reading through the various sponsored ads you notice a click bait ad stating £0.60 per item so you think wow I can get my equipment tested for less than a happy meal.

You would be well and truly wrong to think that unfortunately.

We have numerous people ringing or emailing every week expecting to get very few items tested for less than the bus fare would cost to their place of work.

Business essentials like premises, insurance, equipment, vehicles, fuel, employees wages are all taken into account with our pricing structure. We are more than happy to send out one of our fully qualified PAT testing engineers out to carry out the PAT testing  whether you have 1 or 1 million items.

However we have a minimum charge of £60.00 within a ten mile radius of our Garstang offices and that would cover anything from one to fifteen items.

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