What should you do with a failed appliance

What should you do with a failed appliance

This is a common question we get asked, first and foremost you should take the appliance out of action and not use it.


The label pretty much say`s it all DO NOT USE.

When an appliance fails the appliance the reason for the failure will be explained to the designated company safety officer and the appliance should be taken out of action.

Occasionally the whole company will question why an item has failed which is why we ensure the designated safety officer is told about the situation, as trying to explain an electrical fault to someone with no safety experience is about as much fun as daytime TV.

No matter how many times we are told “it works fine”, “it was like that from new”, “i have to use it though”, “right I`m going to have to go home”, “you better pass it”.

Nope it still is going to fail if there is a fault and it needs repairing.

For example:

  • If a lead has a split in it – the lead will need replacing
  • If a plug is cracked – the plug will need replacing
  • If there is a problem with the earth or resistance – the appliance will need to be sent to the manufacture to be inspected.

In some cases with relatively low cost items, a replacement unit is the most cost effective item.

What ever you do, don`t carry on using the appliance as this could lead to potential shock or fire hazard.

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