PAT Testing Lytham St Annes

PAT Testing Lytham St Annes : We provide portable appliance testing to enable businesses in Lytham St Annes to comply with the Electricity at Work and insurance Regulations.

If your company requires PAT Testing in Lytham St Annes or surrounding areas, please feel free to call us on 07703269342  or fill out the contact form below if you would like a chat or a visit to discuss your PAT testing requirements.

    How much will PAT testing cost?

      • Free site visit to overview PAT testing
      • We will visit you no matter how big the job or company
      • Prices start from as little as £45.00
      • Fitting/refitting new plugs: POA
      • Free minor repairs during the course of testing
      • No minimum amount of items
      • Microwave testing: Included with the price of the testing
      • Reduced rates for charities and none profit organisations
      • Quantity discounts – more than 1000 items tested
      • Day rate – to be discussed
      • Free advice regarding your requirements
      • General hours 9am – 5pm
      • Weekend PAT testing – by arrangement
      • PAT testing through the night – by arrangement

    All of our customers will receive:

    • Minimal disturbance, working around our customers
    • Fully trained, well mannered, insured and professional PAT Tester(s)
    • Fully calibrated and up to date test equipment used
    • Thorough visual inspection on every item tested
    • Free correct fuse replacement
    • All applicable electrical tests on each item tested
    • Pass or Fail label placed on each item PAT tested
    • Notification of any failed items
    • Free retest of any failed items (repaired whilst on-site)
    • An asset list to ensure compliance, whilst helping to maintain a Health and Safety maintenance and management scheme.
    • Portable Appliance Testing certificate
    • Free report of any areas of concern emailed if required to the “responsible person” managing Health and Safety
    • Free re-book and remind service

    PAT Testing Lytham St Annes

    We at PAT testing Northwest offer portable appliance testing across Lytham St Annes and surrounding areas.

    We are here to help you with any query’s or questions you may have.

    The testing of the electrical appliances in your work place is essential for yourself, your clients and your employees. Generally insurance companies request a PAT test be carried out.

    PAT Testing will also comply with your companies obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Regulations and the Electricity at Work Regulations.

    • The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all re-portable electrical accidents involve portable appliances.
    • Current legislation demands that employers ensure portable appliances are safe.
    • Comply with the Electricity At Work Regulations.
    • Prevent risk of fire and injury due to faulty electrical equipment.
    • Insurance companies cannot dispute claims of damage through fire because of insufficient electrical maintenance.
    • Comply with ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Health and Safety requirements.

    Although there is currently no strict legal requirement for PAT testing.

    The Government however has put regulations into place that require the maintenance and safety of electrical appliances, subsequently the most effective way to ensure that these regulations are met is through PAT testing.

    The UK Health and Safety Executive along with insurance companies will expect you to perform PAT testing to ensure that you are compliant with certain regulations including:

    • Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974
    • The Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989
    • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations of 1998
    • The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1999

    Not complying with the above mentioned regulations can result in fines up to £5,000 and/or six months imprisonment. Fines have been seen to go as high as £20,000 and offences heard in the Crown Court have carried sentences of more than 2 years imprisonment in additional to unlimited financial penalties. So even though PAT testing itself is not legally required, it simply helps you to protect yourself by ensuring that you are complying with these regulations.

    Claims that PAT testing is required by law and that the client is breaking the law by not having it done are simply not true. The law does require however that employers, including self-employed, ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide in their business is safe and properly maintained. This means that PAT testing is a critical part of your company’s health and safety and should be considered part of a solution to your safety concerns.

    PAT testing provides the most effective way to identify defects that can come with use. Faults in electrical equipment pose a potential hazard, particularly if they are not repaired readily. Even though PAT testing itself is not required by law, the consequences of electrical faults should be considered carefully.

    Any appliance that uses a flexible cable or plug and socket qualifies as a portable appliance. In other words, if you have an appliance that has a plug that is intended to be connected to a wall socket or generator, it qualifies as needing to be PAT tested.

    PAT Testing Procedure

    1) Client Liaison :

    • Our engineer will make them self known to the person responsible for Health & Safety at the testing premises.
    • The engineer will liaise with this person with regard to the schedule of testing on the premises.
    • We will always ask when it is appropriate for shutdown of equipment.
    • Any appliances that fail the PAT test will be made known.

    2) Guidelines for Testing :

    • Testing will be carried out under the IEE’s Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing.

    3) Visual Inspection :

    • Flex (cable) – this is inspected for any damage, ensuring it is free from cuts, fraying, splits or stress.
    • Plug – the plug will be opened to ensure that the flexible cable is secure in its anchorage and is correctly wired.
    • The fuse will be checked to the correct rating for the appliance and it is free from any sign of overheating and in physically good condition.
    • The Appliance will be inspected to ensure that it is in good working order, including ensuring that it switches on and off properly and the casing or cabinet has no damage that could result in access to live parts.

    4) Testing :

    • Polarity Test (only carried out on extension cables and supply leads)
    • Earth Continuity Test (only carried out on Class I appliances)
    • Insulation Resistance Test
    • Operational Test
    • Earth Leakage Test
    • Tests on IT equipment are “soft tests” of 200mA on earth continuity.

    5) Labeling :

    • All our Pat Testing Label`s include the following :
    • Appliance ID Test
    • Test Date
    • Retest Date
    • Pass labels are GREEN or BLUE in colour.
    • Fail labels are RED with DO NOT USE Failed Safety Test printed on them and a short reason on why the appliance has failed

    6) Documentation :

    • Our computerized print outs include the following :
    • Asset ID.
    • Make, model, serial number of each appliance tested Asset List Example.
    • Test results PAT Test Result Example.
    • Separate pass and fail reports.
    • We aim to provide these within 2 working days of the completion of testing.
    • Display Certificate – A Certificate for display in the staff room, notice board or reception to advise that the appliances on the premises have been tested for electrical safety.
    • Any documentation will only be provided after full payment has been made.

    Many Companies state on their website’s that they will PAT Test from as little as £0.50p per test, this is purely for a visual inspection only.

    Our prices start from as little as £45.00 for full appliance tests, our prices are generally tailored to suit each company as they would depend on how many items were tested or the time spent.

    • All items with a plug are tested using calibrated test equipment.
    • All items are labelled with an electrical safety pass sticker showing date of test, item number and date of re-test.
    • A full report and compliance certification will be emailed in PDF format to you upon receipt of full payment.
    Please feel free to call us on 07703269342 if you would like a chat or a visit to discuss your PAT testing requirements.

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